System.String[] error noticedwhere there are more number of recipients are there in the Recipients list when you run Get-MessageTrackingLog Initial Command: Get-TransportServer MBX* | Get-MessageTrackingLog -MessageId | Select-object TimeStamp,ServerHostname,EventId,Source,Recipients,Sender,MessageSubject,RecipientStatus,MessageLatency,MessageId,MessageLatencyType,RecipientCount | Export-Csv C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\outfile.csv You will get the below results, 1 Noticed there is no proper results in recipients column and it give System.String[]. Normaly it happens because these are collection of objects. Final Command to get the exact result: Get-TransportServer MBX* | Get-MessageTrackingLog -ResultSize unlimited -MessageId Start “08/14/2017” | where{$_.recipients -like “*@windowstechpro”} | Select-Object timestamp,sourcecontext,source,eventid,messagesubject,sender,{$_.recipients} | Export-Csv C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\outfile.csv 2 Noticed now the results are displayed as expected..OOT!!

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