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Unable to Install ExchangeOnlineManagement 2.0.6 Version


Tried to install ExchangeOnlineManagement Latest Preview Version 2.0.6-Preview6 but failed with an error mentioned in the screenshot

Before we install 2.0.6-Preview6, we would need to install PowerShellGet

To install PowerShellGet, Open Powershell with the Elevated Rights and run the … Continue Reading

Installing ExchangeOnlineManagement Version 2.0.6-Preview6 Preview

Microsoft has announced ExchangeonlineManagement Powershell 2.0.6 Preview v2. which is ideally super excited for Exchange Folks to have REST API Connections and Avoid Basic Authentications

Why do we require REST API Connections to connect to Exchange Online?

  1. Microsoft Blocked Basic
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Processing data from remote server Server.Domain.com failed with the following error message


When Trying to Load Exchange Management Shell, It is giving an error as follows,

New-PSSession : [exch1.southtunes.in] Processing data from remote server exch1.southtunes.in failed with the following
error message: [ClientAccessServer=EXCH1,BackEndServer=exch1.southtunes.in,RequestId=523f3cc5-9a19-4e67-a19b-2fb41e7820
a3,TimeStamp=8/9/2019 4:28:03 AM]
[AuthZRequestId=d5c1ebb3-1d96-40a2-adba-fad7ecf3f778][FailureCategory=AuthZ-CmdletAccessDeniedException] The user
“southtunes.in/Users/superamdin” isn’t assigned
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