In this article, we will see how to install Server 2019 and configure Active Directory Services. It is simple article for the beginners those who wants to learn from the scratch. I have used Hyper-V Platform for this setup and configured Virtual machines and Networking for the simulation.

Insert Server Operating System in the System and Enter

Select Language, Time, Keyboard and Click on Next

Click on Install now

Enter the Product Key and Enter Next

Select the Operation System type and click on Next

Select I accept the license terms and click on Next

Select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)

Select Disk and click on Next

Enter the new Password and click on Next

Now you can the Operation system version is Server 2019 and configure the Computer name and Network settings with static IP Address information

Creating Clone using Sysprep:

Creating Clone for the future configurations as it allows to configure the Basic information.. We no need to install OS every time.

Open Run and enter Sysprep

Click on sysprep

Select Enter System Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE), Generalize and select the Shutdown options as Shutdown as we need to copy once the Virtual Machine

Once OOBE generalize has been completed and shutdown. Copy the Virtual Machine VHDX file to safe location which can be attached whenever required.

Installation and Configuration Active Directory in Server 2019

I will guide you how to Promote Domain Controller In the New Forest using Server 2019

Open Server Manager — > Manage — > Click on Add Roles and Features

Click on Next

Select Role-based or feature-based installation and Click on Next

Select Server to install and Click on Next

Select Active Directory Domain Services and DNS Server and Click on Next

Click on Next

Click on Next

Click on Next

Click on Next

Installation has been completed. Now it is time to configure the Active Directory Services

Click on Promote this server to a domain controller

Select Add a new forest and enter the domain name and Cick on Next

Select Forest functional level / Domain functional level, enter the DSRM Password and Click on Next

Click on Next

Validate the NetBIOS and Click on Next

If required change the database location and log files location to store. Once you have select the locations and Click on Next

Click on Next

All validation has been validated and ready to install.. Click on Install to complete the configuration

After installation and configuration completed.. Server will go for reboot and login using domain administrator account. validate the Directory Services using DCDIAG Command or Active Directory Users and Computers

So far, We have seen how to install and create clone for Server 2019 and installing and configuring Active Directory Services.

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