In this Article, I will guide you how to Promote Domain Controller In the New Forest.
Open Server manager1

Select Manage and Click Add Roles and Features,2

In Welcome, Click Next3

4Select Server which you need to promote as Domain Controller5

Select Active Directory Domain Services6

Select Add Features

7Group Policy Management Feature is added by default and no other Features are required, Click Next8

91110It will take some time to get this feature installed. Click on Promote this server to a domain controller12

 Select Add a New Forest and add the Domain name, here I have selected and set Credentials and Click Next 13

Select Add a new forest and Root Domain Name and click Next, Here I am going with First Domain Controller in the New Forest

1415Select forest and domain function Levels based on your requirement, by default DNS and Global Catalog selected since it is first domain Controller. I have selected Server 20008 R2,16

17Click next, Since this will be Primary DNS Server,18

Click On Next,19

It is Recommended to move SYSLOG, Database, and log file to other drive to keep files safe, But I am leaving it as it is,

20Review the Settings and click on Next,

21Click on Install to promote,

22It  will take some time to complete. Please wait for some time

23System Will get restarted and after that you can logon using Domain User Account,

24You can see active directory Features are added under Tools menu,

25Run DCDIAG to review whether domain Controller is installed properly.26That is it. You have promoted Domain Controller in the New Forest.

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