In this Article, I will explain how to install Certificate Services(CA) in Server 2012

Open Server Manager,1

Click on Add Roles and Features,2


Click on Next 3

Select Roles-based or features-based installation and click Next4

Select Server on which you want to install Certificate Services and Click Next,5

Select Active Directory Certificate Services and click Next,6

Select Include Management Tools(if Applicable) and click on Add Features,7

No Need to select any features, thus click on Next,8

Click Next, 9

Select certificate Authority and Click Next,10

Click on Install to start the installation,11

Click on Configure Activate Directory Certificate Services on the destination Server,12

Set the credentials and click on Next,13

Select Certificate Authority and click on Next,14

Select Enterprise CA and Click Next,15

Select Root CA and Click Next.16

Select Create a new private key and click Next,17

Choose the Cryptographic Provider and key length and hash Algorithm based on your requirement and click Next,18

Review all the settings and Click Next,19

Select validity period based on your requirement and click Next,20

It is recommended to move Database Location and log file location, But I am leaving it as it is and click Next,21

Click on Configure,22

That is it, You have configured ROOT CA, You can check the CA Configuration by using Certutil -ping config CAservername23








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