In this article, I will explain how to install Active Directory Federation Services on Server 2012, Lets begin,

Open Server Manager,1

Click on Add Roles and Features,2

Click Next,3

Select Role-based or features-based installation and Click Next,4

Select Active Directory Federation Services and Click Next,5

No need to select and Features. Click Next,6

Click Next,7

Click on Install to begin Installation,8

Click on Configure the federation service on this server,9

Select Create the first federation server in a federation server farm,10

Set Credentials and Click Next,11

Import Certificate for Federation Services,12

Select the SSL Certificate which you received from Certificate Authority,13

select the certificate and provide the password for the certificate,14

All the details are imported by default and give the Federation Service Display Name and Click Next,15

You can set the managed service account for Federation Service or you can set domain administrator account also to manage the AD FS. Here I am using domain administrators to manage,16

You can use the SQL Database which is installed on Separate server or you can use the default SQL Express which will be installed on AD FS Server, I am proceeding with default one and Click Next,17

View details and Click Next,18

Click on Configure,19

Click Close and open Server Manager,20

Click Add Roles and Features again,21

Click Next,22

Select Role-based or Feature-based Installation and Click Next,23

Click Next,24

Click Next since we are going to install Feature, 25

Select Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 and Click Next,26

Click on Install,27

Click on Close to complete the installation, You need to add the Host(A) record to point it to ADFS Server and open Internet Explorer and browse the AD FS URL.

Here my AD FS Server  URL:  to access the AD FS SSO, 28




Enter Domain user account and password,29

So you’re able to authenticate and reach the applications which are federated with your federation Server using domain User accounts, That is it.

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