In a Organization, Exchange is the critical application. Being Exchange administrator, I know the pain where users won’t even allow for even 5 Minutes of downtime for their mailboxes.

Think how much escalations you will get if the Database which is hosting hundreds of the mailboxes is going down and not getting restored within time.  Also You will come across the situations where the Database or Mailbox are getting corrupted.

Though you got Database High availability(DAG) feature in Exchange and each database can be configured multiple servers. There will be chances that databases go corrupted.

In this article, we will see how to recover it using the Stellar Exchange Tool Kit. Let’s begin!!

Stellar Exchange Tool Kit is the complete package with great features for Exchange administrators for complete repair and restore mailboxes and Databases. It contains many other options for converting OST file to PST, Reseting Passwords for Servers and so on.. It best suite for all the Exchange related tasks.

How to install Stellar Exchange Tool Kit:

Before to begin Installation, Please click here to download the setup file. Once downloaded, Right click on Executable file and Run as administrator

1Click on Next2Select I accept the agreement and click on Next3Click on Next

4Click on Next5Select the icons  which needs to be created and Click on Next6Click on Install to begin the installation7 8Click on Finish  and Launch the Steller Exchange Toolkit.9

Great to see the single console for all the features which are provided within the suite.10You can use any of the these features which supports well and give the results if the license has been procured. Wherein in this article, we are going to see how it is working smoothly for Exchange mailbox Recovery.

Click on Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery

11Click on Select EDB file from where you want to recover a mailbox12Click on Open EDB13Locate the EDP file and select the EDB file14Click on Start15Good part in this, You can click on Find EDB which will list all the available Exchange database files in the server.16Select the Drive to list all the EDB files which are available to select for recovery.17 18Select Quick Scan for the fast scanning and to begin the restoration. Extensive scan is another option which will take more time but gives better results.

19Once scan has been completed, You also can see the folders and mails available under the mailboxes which are stored in the mailboxes.20you can export the mails in the below shown formats. Also you can export mailboxes as well21Stellar Exchange Toolkit is fantastic software for your Exchange related tasks and gives simple way to perform all the exchange administrators.

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  1. I need your help my friend. I’ve one issue. One user have deleted some items with the many subfolders but I can restore the item from OWA. It’s can done but the management need to restore all subfolder. I’ve again an old backup database. Can you help me about this case ?

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