21V Operated Office365 Integration with Global Office365-Part 1

21V Operated Office365 Integration with Global Office365-Part 3

21V Operated Office365 Integration with Global Office365-Part 4

Install another AADConnect for 21V Operated Office365 and sync users from on-premises

Download AADConnect latest version from the Url: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=47594

Once you have downloaded, Click on Run

Select I agree to the license terms and privacy notice and click on Continue

Click on Customize

Select Federated with AD FS and Click Next

It is required one as the 21V going to have Federated Authentication,

Enter the 21V Global Administrator Credentials and Click on Next

Select the Domains and Enter the Domain Administrator Credentials for the Domain you have selected

Once you have selected the domains and you can see the domains are already verified

Select the on-premises attributes to use as for Cloud services login, Ideally User Principal Name (UPN) Selected for the users to login to Office 365 Services. If you want different one, you can select the different attribute as well.

Select the OU Filtering, you want Specific OU’s if you want to sync, select the OU’s and Click on Next

Select the Source Anchor attribute for the Cloud Uniqueness syncing / validation purposes.

Select Synchronize all users and devices and Click on Next

Since you have already done the Hybrid with Existing Global Office 365 Tenant, you can’t do Exchange Hybrid with 21V Operated Office 365 which will remove the Exiting Settings and configurations done for Global office 365 Tenant.

Enter On-Premises domain administrator Credentials and Click on Next

Since you already have AD FS Setup, Select Use an Existing AD FS Farm and Enter one Server that is available in the AD FS Farm and Click on Next

Select the domains to be used for AD FS Authentication and click on Next

Select the southtunes.in, sub domains are selected by default

Click on Next

Select Start the synchronization process when configuration completes and Click on Install

Click on Next

Click on Verify

Ignore the warning for now since it is for the IPv6 and Click on Next

So far so good.. We have completed one More AADConnect installation for 21V Office 365. To verify, Open AADConnect miisclient and validate the last sync status

Great.. sync has been completed successfully and it will begin delta sync cycles based on the schedule.

We have slected AD FS Authentications, Right?, Let’s validate from the AD FS Management Console end

You can see Another Relay Party for 21V Office365 got created and ready authenticate 21V Office 365 users

Required attributes are already Enabled for the authentication

From Portal Side, Post completed the initial full sync, you can see the sync status and domains enabled.

To validate the authentications, Enable the license for Synced On-Premises user account

you can see On-premises user account got enabled with Cloud Based Mailbox.

Enter the URL : https://portal.partner.microsoftonline.cn/ and enter the Email Address and Click on Next

You can see the It gets redirected to On-Premises AD FS Page for the Authentication. Enter the credentials for the user account and click on Sign in

You could see Authentication completed and and reaching the 21V Office 365 and Click on Yes

You could see user is successfully logged and Shown with Cloud Applications to use

You simply click on Outlook and see the Outlook mailbox just openned for the user who has been logged in.

So far, We have implemented AADConnect and configured AD FS Authentication.

21V Operated Office365 Integration with Global Office365-Part 1

21V Operated Office365 Integration with Global Office365-Part 3

21V Operated Office365 Integration with Global Office365-Part 4

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  1. Hello Brother,

    I have chaina Local exchange online ( 21V) and Global office 365 in Saudi, both purely on cloud , working fine with no issue at All.

    Objective is to sync Global address book and free/busy information between this two tenant, How to achieve this target? Is part 3 of your article alone able to serve the purpose? Or we need to do follow some other step

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