Microsoft Project Honolulu Step by Step Installation

What is Honolulu?

Honolulu is a locally deployed, browser-based, management tool set that enables on-premises administration of Windows Servers with no Azure or cloud dependency. Honolulu gives IT Admins full control over all aspects of their Server infrastructure, and is … Continue Reading

How to Create a Scope in DHCP Server

In this article we see how to configuring DHCP Scope on Windows Servers,
Creating a New Scope
Open DHCP console.


From the tree on the left side of the console, expand the DHCP server’s hostname node.
Select IPv4 and click Continue Reading

First Look: Nano Server in Server 2016

What is Nano Server?

Nano Server is the similar to Server core which is very small in size. It doesn’t have Local Login access or Terminal Services support. Only Way to manage nano Server is Remote Powershell

It  uses very … Continue Reading