This cmdlet is deprecated. The Trusted Publishing Domain (TPD) for your organization is managed in Microsoft Azure Rights Management

When running the below command to Import RMS Trusted Publishing Domain,

Import-RMSTrustedPublishingDomain -FileData $([byte[]](Get-Content -Encoding byte -Path “C:\AIP_Migration.xml” -ReadCount 0)) -Name “Windowstechpro TPD” -ExtranetLicensingUrl -IntranetLicensingUrl

Getting the below Error,

This cmdlet is deprecated.  The Trusted Publishing Domain (TPD) … Continue Reading

How to get AADRM Version Information

Run the below command to get AADRM PowerShell Module version installed in the local Machine..

(Get-Module aadrm -ListAvailable).Version

Run the below command in Elevated PowerShell to update the AADRM PowerShell Module

Update-Module -Name AADRM

Please refer the article to know … Continue Reading