When Trying to Load Exchange Management Shell, It is giving an error as follows,

New-PSSession : [] Processing data from remote server failed with the following
error message: [ClientAccessServer=EXCH1,,RequestId=523f3cc5-9a19-4e67-a19b-2fb41e7820
a3,TimeStamp=8/9/2019 4:28:03 AM]
[AuthZRequestId=d5c1ebb3-1d96-40a2-adba-fad7ecf3f778][FailureCategory=AuthZ-CmdletAccessDeniedException] The user
“” isn’t assigned to any management roles.

Found the root cause in the eventlogs Error message,

It clearly says that The account which is lading the Exchange Management Shell is not assigned with any of the Exchange Roles. which is why the Powershell is not allowing the load the exchange Module..


Assign the Right permission for the account and ask the user to logoff and login again. You would see that Exchange Management Shell loaded without any errors.

Login to Domain Controller and load Active Directory users and Computers, Search for the User account and Add the right permissions under Member Of tab

In my case, I am assigning Organization Management,

Note: You need assign with specific permissions required for the account you facing with the error

Now, Let’s ask user to logoff and login again. Once did that, Check now by opening Exchange Management Shell

You can see it is loaded without any issues.

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