1. Two Node Always ON Setup has been setup with Cluster Quorum enabled.
  2. AlwaysOn Failover and DB failover is happening without any issues.
  3. Application is working without any issues and there are no issues in the application process with connectivity to second node.
  4. Wherein whenever new record is inserted in the primary node, data is not getting synced to second node. though there is no issues in the second node Database failover and application side.


After Many Cluster and Always ON validations and troubleshooting found the below solution.

After so many troubleshooting, Found that Database got suspended from Syncing primary from/to Secondary.

Step 1: Go to Primary node of the Always On — AlwaysOn High AvailabilityAvailability Databases — Right Click on <DBName> and Select Resume Data Movement

Select Continue Executing after Error and Click on OK

Now you can see the Database is healthy in the both the nodes as per Primary Node

As per the setting I have done Asynchronous-commit mode, Database should show as SYNCHRONIZING

But, Noticed it is still shows Not Synchronizing in the Second node as well, then did with the same by clicking on Resume Data Movement

Finally , Noticed Database synced well and all the records are getting synced from/to Primary Node to / from Secondary Node. without any issues.

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